January SALES

About Us

Traditionally, the top end kitchenware was exclusively reserved for high end restaurants, professional chefs, and other industry ‘insiders’. We’re trying to change that.

We want to provide you with quality products that will improve your kitchen and ultimately, your cooking. 

We want to bring you the finest Japanese blades available, at a reasonable price, so that anyone can have access to a superb cooking arsenal.

We believe that by helping you get access to the best products, we will be able to inspire people to change their lifestyles to incorporate more cooking and self-sustainability into their lives.

We understand that the aesthetic of a product is important to our consumers. That is why our products have a simple yet elegant design, with a dark wood handle and Damascus steel finish on the blade, making our blades suitable for almost any aesthetic environment.

Suraisu, is the Japanese word for Slice. We feel that the simple beauty of a clean slice is something that everybody is seeking in the kitchen.

At Suraisu we believe that there is beauty in the simplistic nature of our brand. We are clear and open with our customers. We are here to help whenever you need us. We strive for quality in our products.

Our focus at Suraisu, is simple. We interested in two things. Product quality and customer experience. We want to take pride in our products, so we make them to the highest of standards, so that you can take pride in them too. We also do not want you to just buy a blade with little thought to it, we want you to feel excited about your order and content that you found us. 

That is why we wear our customer service like a badge of honour. We have a quick, helpful and reliable customer service team that is here to help guide you through the process, or answer any questions that you might have.

…and if you don’t believe us, contact us.